Ayesha Akram Tiktoker Pakistan Viral
Ayesha Akram Tiktoker Pakistan Viral

Ayesha Akram Tiktoker Pakistan Viral

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Still readaksikerja.com the information up to date and popular incident Ayesha Akram Tiktoker Pakistani Viral.

To keep pace with the times which is growing by leaps and bounds surely make all the people easily interact in the creation of media social. Better in your account instagram, twitter, facebook, and tiktok.

But as time goes it seems like the social users continue to compete to upload a variety of content for the sake of gaining followers, and subscrabe that was a lot.

Mak not be surprised if from some content creators that are against the policy of media social, by uploading a variety of content that is unnatural or inappropriate so that it becomes viral world of the maya. As for content made in a deliberate or accidental.

similarly, there is a video that spread and become viral to be sosrotan public in pakistan. On the other hand the video is already scattered and made many people furious, because the contents of the video showing an incident that is very embarrassing.

what to do with Ayesha Akram full video?

To know the answer, let’s continue to refer to this discussion to yeah buddy! Mak mimin will provide a review of this according to the actual facts.

Ayesha Akram Tiktoker Pakistani Viral

Ayesha Akram is a beautiful girl and is known an artist, tiktok Pakistan, his name is already known to many people and have a number of followers above the 1k.

But who would have thought now Ayesha Akram sudden viral because of the incidents that very scary. This incident befell him when will filming for a content in E minar, this incident took place while attending the celebration of the 14th of August.

As seen in the video footage Ayesha was taking video footage to a content and assisted by his colleagues. But at the same time there are some men who asked for a selfie, and it was also the incident that happened to him happened.

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From the beginning only some of the men who approached the so that less more than 400 people have been doing things is not very commendable against Ayesha Akram. Not even just clothes torn, artis tiktok has lost a bracelet, a ring, name card and the money was taken.

Himself admitted to a person suspected of approximately 400 people have been stealing all the jewelry and money, they even do a ruda forced or treat indecent.

Video spread and into the public spotlight in Pakistan, surely make growled the great figures in the country. They feel shame over this incident because to be a man like no self-esteem.

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Not only that, now the police continue to hunt down the perpetrators with the building of CCTV. The perpetrators will be arrested and charged with articles and applicable LAW. This incident is still under investigation related to the actual facts of what really happened or just creating content.

For those of You who are curious or haven’t seen Ayesha Akram full video, please check directly on alternative available here.

Final Words

Thus we can say that the incident Ayesha Akram happened in Pakistan. Hopefully this discussion into a learning for us, thank you.

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