Benefits of soursop leaves for the body
Benefits of soursop leaves for the body

Benefits of soursop leaves for the body

Posted on – The benefits of soursop leaves are rarely known by many people, behind the pungent smell, there are many benefits.

The fruit that comes from the Caribbean, Central America and South America it contains carbohydrate (mainly fructose), vitamins C, B1, and B2.

In addition to the meat, the leaves of the soursop also contains compounds that have many health benefits. What?

If we are processing correctly, soursop leaves can be used to cure a variety of diseases. Here are the benefits of soursop leaves can cure the disease.

  1. Treat Cancer

Soursop leaves can inhibit cancer cells. The content of acetogenin contained in soursop leaves is an anticancer agent which is very strong.

Acetogenin is a collection of active compounds that have cytotoxic activity in the body by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Work soursop leaves is almost the same with the chemotherapy drug that is able to inhibit the activity of the cleavage of the DNA in cancer cells so it is difficult to grow and thrive.

How the consumption of soursop leaves can be boiled to taste with water. Then drink every day in order to feel the benefits.

  1. Treat Cholesterol

High antioxidant content owned by the leaves of the soursop can prevent and lower cholesterol levels. With the presence of antioxidants, the content of cholesterol can be more controlled.

The consumption of soursop leaves by boiling soursop leaves with water, then drink the water every day.

  1. Treating Thrush

Benefits of soursop leaves can treat thrush. Consume a decoction of soursop leaves that will be able to reduce thrush.

mashed soursop leaves then boiled and drink boiled water. Thrush will shrink and heal perfectly.

  1. Treat Gout

One of the herbal remedies that can be used to cure uric acid is soursop leaves. The content contained in soursop leaves can be proven to be effective to cope with the disease gout.

Take 6 to 10 strands of soursop leaves, then cut into several parts. Boil the leaves of soursop with 2 to 3 cups of water.

Wait until the water decoction of half. Eat warm or cold. For maximum results konsumilah every day.

  1. Treat Acne

Soursop leaves are also beneficial for beauty. Acne has always been a scary thing for a woman. Various ways will women do to eliminate stubborn acne on the face.

The leaves of the soursop we can use for facial mask that can be trusted to get rid of acne. The trick, take 6 pieces of soursop leaves, then finely mashed.

Mix rose water and use as a mask. Use regularly before going to bed to get the best results.

  1. Treating High Blood

High blood pressure is a condition of the blood fluid in the body that suppress the walls of the arteries with powerful so bad impact on the health of the heart diseases. With the efficacy of soursop leaves is able to improve blood circulation.

Antioxidant substances that exist in the leaves of soursop are able to flex the blood vessels so that it can run smoothly.

How to use the leaves of soursop to treat high blood is to boil 8 strands of soursop leaves then mixed with 3 cups of water. Consumption in the morning and the evening, and drink 3 times in a week.

That’s some of the benefits of soursop leaves can treat a variety of diseases. In side by boiling soursop leaves can also be dried.

The compound leaves of the soursop dried remains the same efficacy with the leaves of the soursop usual because of the reduced only water content.

Don’t forget to clean the leaves of the soursop in advance and can dry it in the sun but cover it with black cloth so as not to directly berpaparan with the sun.

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