manfaat daun ketapang
manfaat daun ketapang

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Medialova – Ketapang leaf is known by the scientific name Terminalia Catappa has many benefits, which is still unknown by most lay people.

The distribution of ketapang tree can be found in every region in Indonesia because it is very easy to grow in the region anywhere. Do you remember Your childhood or until now even, ketapang tree we encounter a lot near the river, or near the beach.

The leaves that littered sometimes material for children’s toys a little time to play or just be a sheer waste. Because it is very easy to find in a variety of areas and not utilized.

Most people do not know that the leaves ketapang turned out to have value, i.e. to be one of the ingredients that can be exported at a high price.

One of the areas that already know the benefits of value jual daun ketapang in foreign countries and have already started export of ketapang leaf namely Banyumas.

According to the official page of the government of the area of Banyumas namely that leaves ketapang which was only mistaken for trash when dry and fall, can now be in the exports to the United states and Canada.
Packaging exports made by them is not complicated. Which leaves ketapang already dry cleaned and packaged safely. For one kilogram of leaves ketapang, the value of the sale can menjcapai 1 million dollars.

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Ketapang leaf has a high value, i.e., it leaves ketapang can be used to bring material gain, i.e. as a leaf that is capable of altering the pH of the water. Because water leaves ketapang then the pH and the color would be appropriate for the cultivation of betta fish and shrimp. And this is required by countries such as the United states and Canada.
In addition, other benefits of the leaves ketapang namely as a black dye for ink.

Aside from the two such benefits, to local craftsmen, the leaves ketapang can be one of the alternatives to making batik eco print, so that it becomes batik typical with the pattern of the flora of Indonesia.

Of some of the benefits mentioned above, turns the leaves ketapang not only be a waste when it falls and becomes dry, but leaves ketapang can be utilized and it takes both local and foreign tourists.

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