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Eleceed Chapter 200 is scheduled to be released in stores on 01st July 2022, as previously announced. The rough scans for Eleceed chapter 200 will be posted on the internet two to three days before the spoilers leave. Still, the final release is best left until after the spoilers have left.

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Eleceed Chapter 200 Reddit Spoiler

The previous chapter depicted the aftermath of the fight, in which everyone is now hesitant to spar with Jinwoo. The chapter concluded with a significant communication revealing that Seo Jinwoo requested further sparring. It is unfathomable to many pupils, as he only fought Glant the day before, and how can someone be completely healed in one day?

We know that Jinwoo Seo has Kartein, the greatest healer in the world, on his side. He quickly cured him of all injuries. Jinwoo is following Kayden’s advice to engage in as many battles as possible to gather experience. Now, though, the question is who he will fight.

We believe that he now challenges President Lia Eresby. She is also among the top ten rookies. Recall that when Subin Lee was caught in a confrontation with Jessica, Lia intervened and spoke with Jinwoo. She drew Jinwoo’s eye at that time. Therefore, Jinwoo Seo may challenge Lia Eresby to a sparring match at this time.

We are currently unaware of any of her abilities. Numerous fans assume that Lia can utilize hypnotism, similar to Loberne, the international criminal who came after Dr. Delein. And some disagree, claiming she has certain innate qualities. To learn, we must await the next chapter.

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