Full Manga Series Moon Crossword Clue
Full Manga Series Moon Crossword Clue

Full Manga Series Moon Crossword Clue

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medialova.com– Sailor Moon (aka Sailor Moon), also known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, is the title of a famous franchise created by Japanese manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.

Tells the story of the heroism of 5 girls with superpowers from the elements of nature and the solar system against various enemies from the darkness. They have a mission to find the moon princess and the Silver Crystal.

So, for those of you who feel like downloading the full chapter of sailor Moon, of course, you can read the synopsis below first. Keep reading this discussion because we have presented a link that is linked directly.

Manga Series Moon Crossword Clue


Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon originated from a manga which was later made in anime form. The success of this series brought it to the big screen even though it was still an anime. The latter is made in the form of tokusatsu.


A girl dressed as a sailor (sera fuku, school uniform or seifuku for Japanese schoolgirls adapted from the sailor uniform) pursues a man in a berteksedo and wearing a mask. The two fight to find the Silver Crystal which is not in the hands of the young man.

Usagi, inspired by Sailor-V’s heroism, intends to become a hero like her hero. When she meets a talking cat named Luna, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon.

The struggle against the forces of evil is not alone, slowly Usagi finds new friends who also include the Moon Kingdom guards. At first Sailor Moon has four friends including Sailor-V who turns out to be Sailor Venus, the head of the Royal Guard.

Gradually as the story progresses, she meets other “sailors” until she meets her future son, Chibiusa (in the Black Moon Arc).

After various battles to awaken their star power, Sailor Moon meets a “Sailor” from another galaxy.

Almost all of the enemies you fight are based on moon names such as Dark Kingdom, Black Moon Clan, Death Bustress, Dead Moon Circus, and Shadow Galactica. The enemies that the “Sailor” forces are fighting come from all evil forces who are after the Silver Crystal, which is thought to have infinite power.


At first, it was almost close to the story in the first anime season. The striking difference is that the hair of the “Sailor” heroes (except Sailor Luna, who is Luna’s cat demon) is not as colorful as in the anime, but their hair is colored like the hair of Japanese women in general.

When they change, their hair is different. Some characters such as Sailor Luna, and Kuroki Mio are completely new characters and have never appeared in the manga, nor the anime.

Even in the middle of the story, the character Dark Mercury appeared who was the evil side of Sailor Mercury, who had been brainwashed by Kunzite. If in the manga and anime versions, Minako or Sailor Venus dreams of becoming an idol, then in the tokusatsu version she is told to have become a successful idol, but suffers from a deadly disease.

In episode 46, Minako died. But in the final episode, all six Sailor Senshi (including Sailor Luna) appear in full formation to defeat Queen Metalia.


There are some differences between the manga version and the 90s anime, the background of the Shittenou (season 1), in the manga version, they were actually the protective warriors of Prince Endymion in the past, then they were brainwashed after Queen Beryl invaded the Earth Kingdom, they also appeared briefly in a scene in season 2 and 4 in the manga version.

However, in the anime version, they are direct subordinates of Queen Beryl. The Makaiju Aliens appear in the first 13 episodes of the anime season 2 which are not told in the manga.

The four Spectre brothers who were originally enemies, were told to turn out well in the anime version. In season 3, there are different henshin scenes between Inner Senshi and Outer Senshi.

If the Inner Senshi keep the same henshin scene in season 2 by using the Star Power Stick and chanting ” (name of each planet) Star Power, Make up!”, then the Outer Senshi(except Sailor Saturn) use Lip rods and chant “(respective planet names) Planet Power, Make up!”.

The Amazoness Quartet, which was once an enemy, in the manga version is told that their home planet is sanctified by Sailor Saturn, and they become the 4 Sailor Senshi protectors of Sailor Chibi Moon after the Sailor Senshi defeat Queen Nehelenia, but it is not told in the anime version.

Even the fourth Sailor Quartet never appeared in the Sailor Stars series. Another difference is only when Sailor Stars, which should all Sailor Senshi other than Sailor Moon appear wearing eternal costumes, but in the anime version all sailors except Sailor Moon still wear super costumes (specifically Sailor Chibi Moon only appears in the first 6 episodes before finally he is told to pass away to the 30th century, and Outer Senshi, they only appear briefly).

In addition, the depiction of Usagi and Mamoru’s romance is told more mature and romantic in the manga than in the anime, even in the manga version Usagi is told to be pregnant on her wedding day with Mamoru.


Sorted from first to last, Sailor Moon’s opponents are:

  • The Dark Kingdom
  • Makaiju Aliens (Anime)
  • Black Moon
  • Death Busters
  • Dead Moon Circus

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