How to Maintain the Health
How to Maintain the Health

How to Maintain the Health of the Heart that Need to be Done from This Moment on

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medialova – That Ways to Maintain the Health of the Heart that Need to be Done from This Moment on
Based on the report of the Ministry of health RI, heart disease is the leading cause of death both in Indonesia after stroke.

Many consider that this disease affects old people, but the adoption of unhealthy lifestyle, can make the disease can occur at a young age. Then, how to maintain good heart health?

The reason of the importance of maintaining the health of the heart anatomical drawing of the heart
Your heart is an organ of the body that is very very vital. That is, when Your heart is troubled, Your survival will also be threatened. That is why You really need to know how to maintain the health of the heart.

The heart being the center of the circulatory system. Its main function is to pump blood throughout the body. The blood that the heart pumps it carries oxygen and essential nutrients that cells, organs, tissues in Your body need to function normally.

If the heart, heart muscle, and blood vessels in the surrounding impaired, the blood circulation throughout the body can be disrupted. As a result, cells, tissues, and organs may not get the blood supply is sufficient so that it would die. This condition can lead to death if not immediately treated.

How to keep your heart health in order to remain functioning normally foods for heart health, Want More Heart Healthy?

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So Your heart remain healthy and function properly, follow the few tips on maintaining his health here.

  1. Keep your oral health
    Do You know if the health of one part of the body with other parts related to each other? For example oral health with the heart.
    The problem in the heart can occur when the symptoms of the disease of the gums, mouth, and teeth are getting worse and not getting treatment. When it is worse, both bacteria and fungi can switch to blood flow and increased C-reactive protein. The Protein can cause inflammation in the blood vessels around the heart.
    Therefore, an easy way to maintain the health of the heart is to maintain Your oral health. Try to brush your teeth 2 times regularly, in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed. Clean Your teeth with flossing or using dental floss.
  2. Limit consumption of salty foods
    Salty and savory is delicious, but if excessive, can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension) which is one of the risk factors for heart disease. When Your blood pressure is high, the work of the heart in pumping the blood will be more severe and can disrupt the health of the heart.
    Limit the intake of salt (sodium) per day for people aged 19-49 years is 1500 mg. You can reduce the salt by limiting the use of salt while cooking. In addition, it limit food high in salt which is already packed, like smoked beef, snacks, and junk food.
    So the dishes remain satisfying meal, You can replace salt with herbs healthy, such as garlic, onion, or pepper.
  3. Get enough sleep
    How to maintain a healthy heart You need to do is maintain the quality of Your sleep. Don’t make it a habit to sleep late at night and waking during the day, or staying up late without a clear purpose.
    You need to know that sleep is a time for Your body to rest. If You often sleep late at night or the habit of staying up late, then the biological clock of the body will be damaged. This condition can cause blood pressure to rise and inflammation, that can increase the risk of heart disease.
    So, try to sleep early and wake up early morning every day, even while You are off. Keep all things that can interfere with Your sleep at night, like play phones or watch tv. Make sure You sleep at least 7-8 hours per day.
  4. Avoid sitting for too long
    A day of sitting facing your computer not only makes Your body so sore, but also lowers Your heart health. This is because sitting for too long could cause blood clots that can worsen blood circulation in the body.
    If You do spend working in a sitting position, don’t forget to do stretching movements at the office or at home. Another way to maintain the health of the heart that You can try is to choose up the stairs instead of the elevator and walk down the page your home or office corridors. By doing so, You remain active even though it should work.
  5. Quit smoking and inhaling cigarette smoke
    Already know, no, if smoking can damage your health, including Your heart? Yes, smoking can cause heart disease because of a chemical could induce the formation of plaque in arteries in the heart. This plaque can accumulate over time and clog the blood flow that can lead to heart disease later.
    For that, You should stop smoking. You also need to avoid people who are smoking because the smoke can also be wafted by You.
  6. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits
    eat vegetables
    Fruits and vegetables are source of vitamins and minerals to Your body. In addition, the type of food it contains antioxidant compounds that can prevent inflammation, rich in fiber, and low in calories. The content of nutrients can help You maintain a healthy heart.
    You can add different kinds of vegetables as a meal menu, and fruits as a healthy snack. Don’t forget, wash the vegetable and fruit the first with running water before You eat, yes.

So little information that I can convey on this occasion, may we all always be healthy physically and spiritually.

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