New Link Fitpunjaban Viral Video Tiktok
New Link Fitpunjaban Viral Video Tiktok

New Link Fitpunjaban Viral Video Tiktok

Posted on viral tiktok video was suddenly hunted by internet users because rasaa wanted to know.

The exact Video that has gone viral is an mms clip clearly marked by Sandeep for personal use.

We don’t know how the video was published, but Sandeep’s latest Tiktok says it has taken steps to remove as many internet videos as possible.

In the declaration for the video, Sandeep wrote “The Dark phase Goes and Goes. What is held for you is the original.”

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Fitpunjaban Viral Video Tiktok

In the video, Sandeep published an answer via email he received from a commissioner who is also safe in Australia, who thanked him for submitting a report on what was described in notes such as “abuse based on images”.

The letter also explains that the commissioner can help remove intimate images or videos that have been published online without Sandeep’s consent.

We do not know if they will succeed 100%, but it seems that the Australian government is taking appropriate measures.

The Video initially spread on Tiktok. In addition to Tiktok’s content guidelines and filters, intimate videos are initially distributed through the app.

Finally, Sandeep managed to pull him down. However, as the email he shared explains, videos still circulate through private WhatsApp groups, which are encrypted and therefore more difficult to photograph in the center.

It seems that some people are still brave enough to share this video with Sandeep via WhatsApp, until it spreads on raddit and the internet.

Sandeep does not offer too many details about the impact of this leak on him, but it is easy to imagine that this has been an attempted and traumatic experience.

No one should take so much time and effort to cut down on content that shouldn’t be on the internet to begin with.

In the aftermath of her sensitive photos being revealed, fans gathered around Sandeep to show their support for her, and expressed disgust towards those who chose to flee the photos.

Sandeep changed the comments on all his videos to avoid more harassment, but some fans considered other platforms to show their support, or even publish their own Tiktok videos in solidarity.

This leak is certainly tragic, and something that should not be bypassed. It is gratifying, however, that the Australian government has real resources to put behind this issue.

Meaning that Sandeep doesn’t have to manage everything himself. Countries without such policies should be careful.

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