Spy X Family Season 2 Trailer In 2022
Spy X Family Season 2 Trailer In 2022

Spy X Family Season 2 Trailer In 2022

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Medialova.com– Spy X Family Season 2 Trailer In 2022. it is likely that all of you are familiar with this Japanese anime genre film because it has become a series that attracts users around the world.

Fans of the popular anime Spy x Family will certainly be very excited in waiting for the release of the latest season of this manga.

For the first series to start dropping on Crunchyroll in April 2022, the anime has taken the world by storm, and left people wondering what will happen in the second half of the series.

Wonder no more, because the new trailer, released by Toho Animation, features some epic teasing images about upcoming episodes.

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Spy X Family Season 2 Trailer

The Trailer features a new enemy, played by Hiroki Takahashi, as he sets out to create a terrorist threat, as our leader Loid and his allies work to stop him. Meanwhile, it looks like Anya will get a new dog, which at the show will likely be just as exciting.

The Trailer also features the new opening theme song “Souvenir” by the band Bump of Chicken.

Kazuhiro Furuhashi (of Mobile Suit Gundam UC and Rurouni Kenshin) directed the anime At Wit Studio and CloverWorks. Kazuaki Shimada (the Promised Neverland) has designed the characters, and [K]NoW_NAME (Fairy go and Sakura Quest) is the music producer.

Twilight’s spy Master is the best at what he does when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions in the name of a better world. But when she accepts the most impossible task-getting married and having kids – she may finally be in over her head!

Not relying on anyone else, Twilight has a job that suits her to get a wife and child for her mission of infiltrating an elite private school. What he didn’t know was that the wife he chose was a murderer and the child he adopted was a telepath!

In addition to the trailer, there’s a new seductive image for the series, featuring characters old and new, with the adorable Anya right in the middle.

Release Date Spy X Familiy Season 2 Trailer

After many leaks from berabgai sumer, the popular Spy X Family manga will premiere on October 1. The series will be available to watch on Crunchyroll, both dubbed and sub-dubbed.

For those who want to watch more Spy x Family content , the manga has inspired a stage play adaptation, which will appear in spring 2023.


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